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Pain in Scoliosis in AdultsA major cause of back pain is scoliosis in adults. Adults suffering with scoliosis related pain but are often told by their doctors that short of surgery there is nothing that can be done. They are told that they should simply use pain medications to mask the symptoms or just learn to live with the pain.

Unfortunately medications can have side effects that can be dangerous to long-term health. Surgery also holds inherent risks and complications that make it the treatment of last resort for most. Other less conventional treatments such as chiropractic, osteopathic and massage therapy, to name only a few, can offer patients temporary relief in their pain but most often do not offer lasting relief as they do nothing to strengthen the weakened muscles in the scoliosis spine.

Fortunately, there have been significant strides in alternative treatment for scoliosis that provide effective conservative treatment options that can help adults reduce or relieve their pain related to their scoliosis.

Here are 3 Types of treatment that can help adults who have pain related to their scoliosis relieve their pain and get their lives back.

3 Treatments To Relieve Pain for Scoliosis In Adults

While pain medications and injections only mask the symptoms of pain and scoliosis surgery is often far too invasive to consider there are other types of treatment that can help improve your scoliosis so that the cause of the pain is corrected.

1. SpineCor Adult Scoliosis Pain Relief Orthosis

SpineCor Dynamic Orthosis (for both adolescents and adults)

SpineCor Dynamic Orthosis (for both adolescents and adults)

While SpineCor was initially invented for the treatment of adolescent scoliosis it has been adapted for the use with adults with scoliosis related pain. While it’s commonly called a scoliosis brace, it’s technically known as a dynamic tension orthosis. That’s because SpineCor is made of soft elastic bands that wrap around the body in different configurations based on the person’s curve pattern to help them move their body more towards the midline. This helps relieve the pain caused by the collapse of the spine over time due to the scoliosis.

Unlike a hard brace, which immobilizes the spine like a body cast and causes atrophy of the muscles because the body starts to depend on the brace for support, SpineCor actually helps strengthen spinal muscles, rather than weakening them.

While wearing SpineCor the patient can move in any direction they want but it gives a constant reminder to their body, “no, go this way” which is into the direction of correction. Over time this helps the body develop new patterns of movement that are corrective and since it is the body that made the changes, not the brace, those changes tend stay in place even after SpineCor is removed.

This often has a profound effect in reducing the pain of scoliosis in adults. In fact, a clinical trial by Dr. Marcotte called SpineCor in the Treatment of Adult Scoliosis was presented at the 7th International Conference on Conservative Management of Spinal Deformities Montreal Canada in 2010 show that adults suffering from scoliosis that have worn the SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace had improvement in their posture overall stopping curve progression and providing significant pain relief.

Pain Relief With Scoliosis In Adults

This clinical trial was conducted on a group of 30 patients between the ages of 18 and 69. As a group the average reduction of pain was 77% (6). At the start of the treatment study the average level of pain of the group was rated 5 on a scale of 10, with 1 being minimal pain and 10 being severe.

Over course of 3 months they reported their pain improved significantly and after that it continued to gradually diminish until it eventually reached an average of a level of 1 on a scale of 1 – 10 after 18–20 months of wearing the SpineCor brace. These findings are corroborated by another study by J. McAviney called A Multicenter multinational retrospective case series analysis on the use of the SpineCor brace for treating pain related to adult scoliosis. This oral presentation to the British Scoliosis Society in April of 2010 24th April puts pain reduction also around 70%.

These results clearly demonstrate that SpineCor is a safe and effective alternative treatment for scoliosis in adults.

Schroth Method of Scoliosis Specific Exercise for Scoliosis in Adults

Another method that is gaining popularity here in the US is a German technique of scoliosis specific exercise called the Schroth Method. The creator Katherina Schroth initially developed the method for her own scoliosis. News of her success spread and soon she was helping others with scoliosis improve their curves. Eventually it caught the attention of the German government who helped her start an institute where children with scoliosis from all over Germany were sent to live to receive this highly specialized form of exercise therapy for their scoliosis.

The Schroth Method is specific based on the individuals curve pattern and is decidedly unilateral in it’s performance and only done into the direction of correction. It helps strengthen the specifically weakened muscles in the body that have adaptively shortened due to the scoliosis. This allows for better support of the spine and helps move it back towards the midline of the body which then diminish pain that has resulted from the body having to work hard just to hold itself up against gravity.

A recent article in the New York Times called Hope for an S-Shaped Back discussed how many of the larger mainstream scoliosis treatment facilities are now incorporating the Schroth Method exercise into their treatment programs for scoliosis in adults.

Myofascial Release for Scoliosis

Most adults with scoliosis had initially developed it during adolescence so over the years their bodies tissues have adapted to the spinal mal-position. This has resulted in many of the muscles and fascia, especially on the insides of the scoliosis curves to have adaptively shortened. As a result, the fascia surrounding these tissues has in essence “shrink wrapped” like a plastic wrap over a package of meat around these adaptively shortened muscles. This limits their mobility and must be addressed to allow for the body to be able to move back towards mid-line.

Myofascial Release for scoliosis

Myofascial release therapy must be aimed only at these specifically shortened and weakened tissues to allow the body to move back towards it mid-line. If the wrong tissues are treated then there is a risk for curve progression instead of correction. Treatment of the tissues that have adaptively shortened will allow for more effective treatment of scoliosis in adults with both SpineCor and Schroth.

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